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tomate un cafecito conmigo..."

Hi! My name is Vivi Rodriguez. Im a wife, mother, and lover of all things FOOD! I cook from the heart, I promise you there was music playing in the background while I was whipping your frosting, and it is quite possible that I twirled your cake around while dancing in my kitchen ❀. 

I know what you're thinking,"But what's a boniatillo?!" Well, the literal translation from spanish, (cuban spanish, yes theres a difference!😜) is sweet potato pudding. It's a rich, creamy dessert that is popular in Cuba. And it was one of my many nicknames as a kid. It brings back memories of growing up and dreaming of owning a bakery, just like the ones we would go to every so often when I was a little. It always smelled amazing! Fresh bread, gorgeous cakes, sweet pastries and CUBAN COFFEE! Miami cuban bakeries are an experience to say the least. And every once in a while you find a little hole in the wall bakery, that makes everything with love. The hustle and bustle seems a little slower here, they take the time to get your order just right, they ask about your day, and how your family is doing. That is the experience we want to share with you at Boniatillo Bakery.

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